The 9-Euro-Ticket is coming

From June 1 to August 31, 2022, the 9-Euro-Ticketis valid with our Student Annual Ticket. This means that you can use all public transport services throughout Germany during this period. This includes (not exhaustive):

  • local trains (e. g. RB, RE, IRE)
  • buses
  • trams
  • suburban trains ("S-Bahn")
  • subways ("U-Bahn")
  • light rails ("Stadtbahn")
  • partly even ferries

You are not allowed to use the following means of transport with the 9-Euro-Ticket:

  • IC (except the IC 17 between Chemnitz and Dresden)
  • ICE
  • EC
  • Flixtrain and other (private) long-distance trains
  • Flixbus and other (private) long-distance buses

If you are not sure about some special means of transport, e.g. narrow-gauge railroads, please ask the respective companies/associations.


Children up to the age of six can travel free of charge (together with a person in posession of a 9-Euro-Ticket).

Your TUC-Card with the imprint "SS 22 V STIK" or an annual ticket replacement card valid in the months of June, July and August serves as your ticket. VMS states the same on its 9-Euro-Ticket-FAQ-Page (second to last question in paragraph 2, only available in German).

It is not possible to use a TUC card with old imprint in combination with a current enrollment certificate as a ticket.

The regulations regarding valid tickets can be found here (only available in German).

Carriage of children

Children up to the age of six can travel free of charge.

Please note that children up to the age of 15 (i.e. up to the day of their 15th birthday) can only travel free of charge within the original area of validity of the Student Annual Ticket. In all other parts of the country, children must purchase their own 9-euro ticket or a regular ticket.

Bicycle transport

The free transportation of the bicycle is not automatically possible with the 9-Euro-Ticket. For the area of validity of the Student Annual Ticket you can find the current regulations here. For the other parts of the country you have to inform yourself via the respective transport company or association.

Please also note that the means of transport are likely to be very full in the summer and that it is therefore not always possible to guarantee that bicycles can be taken along.

Dog transport

No 9-Euro-Ticket can be purchased for dogs. The regulations of the respective transport company or association apply.


Depending on which of the following groups you belong to, you will get your money back:

1. Persons in possession of a student annual ticket (imprint "SS 22 V STIK")

If your TUC-Card shows the imprint "SS 22 V STIK", if necessary after updating at a TUC-Card-Terminal, thus you did not apply for a regular refund or exemption, we need your IBAN. This is the only way we can refund you the difference between the annual ticket and the 9-Euro-Ticket. As of now, you can send us your IBAN at the following link:

In order to be able to carry out this procedure, the log-in codes (URZ-Loginkennzeichen) of the authorized students were transmitted to the university computer center (Universitätsrechenzentrum) by the student service (Studierendenservice). The privacy policy for this process can be found here: (only available in German language).

Your IBAN must be valid until December 31, 2022. If you are exmatriculating at the end of the summer semester 2022, you must enter your IBAN by then, as it will no longer be possible to log in after that date.

2. Persons who have applied for a refund (imprint "SS 22 STURA")

You do not need to worry about anything. The refund of the 9-euro-ticket will be made alongside the regular refund.

3. Persons who have been exempted from the ticket fee (imprint "SS 22 STURA")

Since you have never paid the fee for the Student Annual Ticket due to an exemption, there is no refund. However, you can purchase the 9-Euro-Ticket online, in the app, at the ticket machine or at the counter at any time.

The following applies to all procedures: The deadline is October 31, 2022 - after that, it is no longer possible to apply for the 9-Euro-Ticket refund. This is an exclusion period (Ausschlussfrist).

Further information

Further information about the 9-Euro-Ticket can be found at Deutsche Bahn. If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail at