The Student Culture Ticket - Culture for you!

Your TUC-Card is not only good for food, books and of course local transport, but also for a large part of the Chemnitz cultural scene! Free admission is granted to the art collections, the industrial museum, the natural history museum an the Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz - smac. The Chemnitz Theatres are also on board, which means: free admission to all regular performances (fifteen minutes prior to the start of the show) to all seats not sold!

Who, how, where?

Your TUC-Card with the current imprint is valid as a culture ticket. Only members of the student body can benefit from the Culture Ticket.

  • You will receive free admission to all the museums listed below.
  • You will receive free admission to all regular events at Theater Chemnitz: 15 minutes before the start of the performance. All seats not yet sold will be allocated to students. This means that the ticket is not valid for sold out or special events.

The following museums are covered by the culture ticket:

The program of the Chemnitz Theatre comprises all five sections:

  • opera
  • philharmonic orchestra
  • ballet
  • drama
  • puppet theatre

Here you will find the program of the Fritz Theater