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Article from March 26, 2015

Democracy and the Noncitizens

What is democracy, what role plays Citizenship? How could Noncitizens act politically in a democratic system? Why are there still obstacles for a “world-citizenship”? Is there a visible change in the German political system according to questions of citizenship and participation? The Seminar “Democracy and the Noncitizens” tries to answer these questions, by regarding developments of democracy theory and the German system.

If you are interested in politics, but even if you are not so familiar with political questions at all: Learn about the ideas of democracy from a new perspective, learn to see the political system in Germany more critically and contribute to the discussion with experiences from your home countries.

When: 18 April 2015. 11 o'clock
Where: House project ”Kompott", Leipziger Straße 3 Chemnitz.
You don't have to spend any money. There will be something to eat and drink

Posted in Anti-discrimination department, International students' department, Home page on Mar 26, 2015